Eye of the Hurricane – The Process

The Process of the Creation of my newest CD was quite a journey, filled with Lessons and Miracles of Forgiveness!


Looking back on the 2 years and 9 months of this process, I can, Now, See the Perfection of the Whole Journey. I can see the Gift in each step that was taken.   The final product could not have been what it is without the process happening just the way it did.

The 1st trimester of the, what seemed like, at times, labor, of this project, began in Virginia.

The 2nd trimester began when I took the project to my home town of Owensboro, Kentucky, which was one of the highlights of the Journey, recording at my nephew and son-in-law’s studio; my brother, Danny on electric guitar, mandolin, dobro and resonator; my nephew (the sound engineer), Aaron, on bass; the whole bunch, including my sister, Tracy- my daughter, Rachel-and my grandson, Davey, can be heard on background vocals on the song “I Give It The Meaning”………. It just so happened that Hurricane Ike hit Louisiana and traveled up the middle of the country, swirling it’s destructive winds above the recording studio, as we were recording “Eye of the Hurricane”, knocking out the electricity, and regrettably,  reaking havoc on the town.

The 3rd and final trimester was experienced at 3rd Stream Music, in Thornburg, VA, and what an Experience it was!  The highlight being when Chris Sexton came in to record strings on “Across the Veil”.  He arrived with a cello, viola and, maybe, 6 violins. He is the string orchestra on that song.  He is also featured on “Cause and Effect” (a fiddle song). Matt, the engineer, producer, artist, did an incredible job with the whole project, including the cover design.  Matt, thanks for the successful delivery of this new creation!!  Another Joy was in having the other two members of “Grace”, the musical trio that I am honored to be part of, play on the recording.  Darlene Pizzola on flute and Tamara Stuchlak on djembe!  My sisters in GRACE!!!

Gratitude to Deb and Paul Phelps and Miracles One Foundation!  Deb, so lovingly, facilitated my ministerial process for ordination as a Pathways of Light Minister, after which Deb and Paul began their own personal ministerial program as Miracles One Foundation, of which I am honored to be a minister.  Check out their website for info about the many programs they offer. www.miraclesone.org

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